Pros and Cons of Casino Bonuses


The online gaming industry is one that has been steadily growing for decades. Since people have had easy access to the internet, they have been playing online games. As a result, it should be no surprise to hear that there are millions of people that play online games every year. Hundreds of thousands of new players play online games for the first time every year. While the industry is in a healthy and competitive state, that competitiveness can be overwhelming to new players. That is largely because there are so many sites for them to choose from. The best way to find the best sites is to look for high quality casino bonuses. However, you need to know which ones to claim and which ones to avoid. The best way to learn how to do that is to look at some casino bonus pros and cons.

General Casino Bonus Pros

If you are new to the online gaming industry, you will quickly realize that there are many different types of bonuses. Each of these types of different pros and cons. However, to keep things simple, we will primarily be looking at general casino bonus pros and cons. These pros and cons will apply to almost all bonuses you encounter, so this should help you in most situations.

The most significant of the casino bonus pros is that you get increased value from each of your spins or games played. Since you do not need to spend any of your money to use a bonus, you will have the opportunity to win some money for free. Even if there are wagering requirements in place to lower your chances of winning, your odds of breaking even are much higher when you have a few free spins, or some free money in your account to use.

Another one of the most significant casino bonus pros is that you get the opportunity to try out new games. When players are using their personal funds, it is not uncommon for them to stick to games they are familiar with. As a result, they will not try out all the new games on a site. However, when they are using a bonus, they have the opportunity to try out new games that they never would play otherwise. There might be some limitations on which games you can play, but there will still be many games for you to try out.

Finally, when you receive a bonus, you will be able to play for longer than you would if you were just using your personal funds. If you are playing on a budget, you can no longer play once you use up the money you set aside for playing online games. Having free money or spins from a bonus gives you more time to play. So, claiming a bonus means that you can have more fun.

General Casino Bonus Cons

No matter which bonuses you claim, there are casino bonus cons that you will need to deal with. These cons apply to almost every bonus you will be looking to claim. You should look to avoid bonuses that have the things we are about to discuss associated with them.

The most significant of the casino bonus cons to worry about are wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are restrictions put in place by online gaming sites to limit when players can withdraw their winnings. They force players to wager a certain amount of money based on the value of their bonus before they are eligible to withdraw their winnings. For example, if you received a $10 bonus with 30x wagering requirements, you would need to wager $300 before you could withdraw your winnings. Players that make withdrawals before their wagering requirements are met void their bonus and any winnings they received from it. Unfortunately, almost all bonuses will have wagering requirements attached to them. So, you should be looking for bonuses that have low wagering requirements.

Furthermore, you should look to avoid bonuses with withdrawal caps. Withdrawal caps limit how much money a player can win from their bonus. So, if you hit the jackpot that puts you over the withdrawal cap, you will only be able to withdraw your winnings up to the withdrawal cap. The rest of your winnings will be voided.

Finally, you should avoid bonuses with game and time restrictions if you can. Game restrictions limit which games you can play with a bonus, and time restrictions force players to use the bonus within a certain timeframe.

When you are looking for a new casino bonus, you should consider the pros and cons before you claim it. Look for a bonus that will give you the opportunity to win some money without risk but avoid the options which restrict how much you can win and put you into a box. A casino should be something that provides you with freedom, it should not restrict you.